People in religious and political communities react to the Boston Marathon bombers

by Drew Parks

Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison said that the Muslim community should not be tied to the Tsarnaev brothers and the Boston Marathon bombings. Amanda Terkel with the Huffington Post wrote that the first Muslim in Congress also said that past bombings have been affiliated with political reasons, not religious affiliations.

University of North Carolina professor Omid Safi gave 10 points when talking about the Tsarnaev brothers and their Muslim and Chechen background. Safi’s 10 points on the Religion News Service centered on the media, Chechnya and Muslims in America.

U.S. Catholic bishops said that the Boston Marathon bombings will not stop their push at immigration reform. David Gibson with the Religion News Service wrote that they hope all immigrants won’t be branded as threats and brought up that Muslims are going through what Catholics did in the 19th century.


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