The pope names advisory council, evangelical leaders show more support for immigration reform, Albany teacher gives controversial assignment

Pope Francis named eight cardinals to advise him on running the Church and reforming the Vatican Bureaucracy. Nicole Winfield with the Huffington Post wrote how only one current Vatican official is on the advisory council and the others are from each inhabitable continent.

Leaders of evangelical churches have started to show more support for immigration reform. Adelle Banks with the Religion News Service wrote that although a poll showed that white evangelicals are less supportive than other religions on illegal immigrants in the U.S., leaders say that has changed the last couple years.

An Albany, N.Y.,  high school teacher gave a controversial assignment to her classes by making them “think like a Nazi” and argue why Jews are evil. Scott Waldman with the Times Union in Albany wrote that a third of the students refused to do the assignment.


One response

  1. I always have the perception that Catholics and Christians are basically conservative, but from the first two news articles, it seems they are making efforts to bring about innovations . I anticipate the reform of the Vatican Bureaucracy as the last one was carried out 25 years ago. I would like to see changes brought about by Pope Francis to the Catholic Church through incorporating new and outspoken people in Vatican decision-making. The white evangelical churches’ change of stance towards immigration reform is encouraging as the Christians are trying to balance immigration policy with religious faiths. However, I was startled by the school writing assignment persuading students to adopt the perspectives of a Nazi and prove that Jews were the source of Germany’s problems. It is unacceptable to instill students with a biased point of view on historical and social issues.

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