Various stories telling about atheists’ billboards, “The Bible” miniseries, pope betting and the NFL’s “homophobia”

by Drew Parks

The group American Atheists plans to put up billboards in late March using Republican and religious leaders’ quotes to spread its beliefs on politics and homosexuality. The American Atheists site wrote how the group will use seven billboards around Dallas and Austin, Texas, to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

In another blog, a spokeswoman for Rick Santorum and the president of American Atheists gave their reactions to the American Atheists’ billboards. Dan Merica with CNN also goes into the history of some of the other billboards American Atheists has done that go after Jews, Muslims and Christmas.

The 10-hour miniseries “The Bible,” made by Mark Burnett and Roma Downey, premieres March 3 on the History channel and hopes to have a big, broad impact on Christians and non-Christians. Jaweed Kaleem with the Huffington Post wrote how pastors plan to use the miniseries for studies inside churches.

After the pope’s resignation, an Irish bookmaker placed odds on who is the favorite to fill the papacy. Natalie DiBlasio on the Religious News Service wrote about the thousands of people betting on the upcoming conclave and how U.S. people cannot place bets on who could fill the papacy.

A former NFL player addressed the issue of the NFL’s “homophobia” by saying religion causes homophobia inside teams’ locker rooms. Michael J. O’ Loughlin with the Religious News Service gave the former player’s comments after teams questioning prospects’ sexuality and how some players are speaking out against it.


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